Security Consulting Services

Few companies have the resources to stay abreast of the hundreds of specifics needed to achieve the end goal or certification of today’s cybersecurity landscape. That’s where KMD IT can help. Experts in cybersecurity, our team develops comprehensive programs based on best practices to keep your business safe from current and emerging threats. We know where you prefer to spend your time, so we go beyond the conceptual approach to cybersecurity, and provide the processes, procedures and documentation necessary to help clients in the following sectors pass even the toughest security audits:

  • U.S. Government FEDRAMP and IL4/5
  • PCI
  • Australian IRAP (ASD)
  • Australian APRA (Financial Government Standard)
  • French HDS Security Standard
  • ISO
  • NIST
  • SOC 2

Each element of our work encapsulates thousands of security controls, ensuring that we can validate and prove that your systems meet the latest industry standards. Red Team and White Hat analysis are just a few of our security specialties, where we work to create friendly intrusion and identify your businesses’ greatest areas of weakness.