Software Development

KMD IT custom software developers design, create, deploy and maintain software for unique users and functions within your organization to help you achieve any goal on time, and within budget. Unlike commercial software that’s sold off-the-shelf, we design for a specific set of requirements, custom-tailored to your needs. Why? Because they’re your business solutions. We’re proud to make them how you want them. 

While we support and utilize all the usual methods of development including waterfall, agile and hybrid, we believe that the best process for development is that which is driven by the client. We work with your team to establish targeted software deployment objectives and timelines, covering configuration, testing, project governance, troubleshooting and more.

To limit bugs and rework, our team strictly adheres to CMMI Level 3 and 5 processes, and our software project managers implement measurable criteria for success by clearly defining and documenting project requirements.